Eco shower head Natual


<br />Eco shower head natual<br />FAQ:<br />SPA multifunctional shower is a new product health and cosmetics, she is able to create a delicious feeling of natural beauty, to achieve physical and mental stretch, clean, relaxed state, which brings good health and smooth skin.<br />So far, only a few people take advantage of the water treatment SPA. However, this shower head can make such a possibility into reality, because to have:<br />1 Spa negative ions function<br />Balls ceramic tourmaline in the handle can release negative ions, which was considered to be "a long life," after that inhaled by the body, and can have air conditioning is very good from the excited state of the nerve, and improve the ventilation of the lungs, and promote the process of metabolism, and in the the same time fully activating and softening water, and antibacterial.<br />2 germanium cosmetics, health care and job<br />Can germanium bath ball in ceramic handle effectively remove the chlorine in tap water when showering, so that the water and antibacterial functions, shrinking pores in the skin, moisturizing and skin-lightening to prevent skin aging.<br />3 the advantage of providing water<br />Shower head 128 small holes for water cone shape with a diameter of 0.35 mm,

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