Eco-solvent printer 1.8 m


<br />Product Model CAE 5,0 5,5 CAE CAE 5<br />Printing technology generation 5 of Micro Piezo technology<br />Number of nozzle orifices 1440 2160 nozzles per head increased by 42,880 head nozzles per head<br />Color ink 4colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black<br />Printer head Aajustable high :2-5mm<br />Resolution 1440dpi max<br />Ink droplet size of 1.5 21pl<br />Print 1.8M Width max<br />Speed and high-speed mode: 720x720 12 h high-speed mode: 360x1080dpi 22 h high-speed pattern: 720x720dpi 22.5 hour<br />Stanard pattern: 720x1080dpi 7.7 h standard mode: 360x1620dpi 11 hour standard mode: 720x1080dpi 14.6 hour<br />Picture the situation: 720x1440dpi 5.7 hour image of the situation: 720x1080dpi 8.5 hour picture of the situation: 720x1440dpi 11.2 hour<br />separately.PID heaters and heating system for the front, and platform control center in the temperature<br />Temperature: room temperature 80 <br />External fan drying system<br />Media width: 1.9M max media display<br />Media feeding method: Automatic feeding<br />Take automatic optional<br />Self-adhesive paper, PVC, network weaving, spinning, weaving, PVC flex banner, adhesive vinyl holder, paper, textile, leather and others.<br />Ink CAE5.5 ECO solvent inks<br />CAE5.0 ECO solvent ink dye<br />CAE5.5 ink water-based dye<br />Ink supply tube pattern is still based on the ink cartridge ink supply: 8 350ml<br />IPrint 3.0 RIP software CN EN<br />Image format TIFF, JPEG and other common image formats<br />Color RGB mode or CMYK<br />Control programs, A-Starjet5 control programs CN AR<br />Inteface USB 2.0 RS232<br />Operating system and WindowsXP<br />Voltage AC 220-240V 5060HZ or 110-120V 5060HZ<br />Temperature 20-25 <br />1KW power consumption MAX 0.300 W printing<br />Printer dimension dimension W D H 2,840 900 1.250 mm bracket included<br />Packing dimension of 3,000 930 730mm bracket included<br />Weight Net weight: 220kg bracket included Gross weight: 300kg bracket included

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