Electric oven


<br />Definition of products<br /><br /> Front stainless steel, with the observation glass window.<br /><br /> Electric furnaces with a single layer, two layers and three layers are available.<br /><br /> Can be used for each layer and control independently.<br /><br /> Automatic control of the fire with heat discharged by direct heating tube to make sure the temperature even.<br /><br /> Display temperature optical and precision temperature control: the surface and the bottom fire<br /><br />Controlled independently.<br /><br /> You can modify the temperature of the oven arbitrarily within the range of 20 300 C.<br /><br /> The oven can maintain the temperature automatically when you access the specified value.<br /><br /> Non-automatic circuit breaker re-themal ganrantees safe working of the oven.<br /><br /> Manufacturing is provided upon request.<br /><br />Model: ATS-90<br />The external dimension mm: 1660 820 1540<br />Chinese dimension: 40 60<br />China: 9<br />Voltage V: 380<br />Power kW: 21<br />Weight kg: 250<br />matieral: Stainless Steel

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