Electric slide gate valve


<br />Is specifically designed HENT gate slide for most of the dry material handling. And is used widely in the discharge system, particularly in the cement industry, resulting in accurate and load measurement. . Electric valve gate slides feature Layout 1 seal is high, does not leak with graphite stronger and longer-term or seals blanket 2 does not jam during a panel gate sliding 3 welded housing for the highest durability and reliability, the best 4 of the panel gate with the choices of material are: Option 1: stainless steel: erosion control, and Max temperature: 180 Option 2: Germany imported alloy steel: 16Mo3 EN10028.2 high temperature resistance Max operating temperature: 600 . And high wear resistance Engine Gearing 5: Sew 6. Limit switch: Schneider 7 installation. Flexible either horizontal or vertical 8 end connection. Flange 9 long service life

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