Electric tricycle


<br />We have established we are, Lang Fang Sandy electric tricycle Manufacturing Inc., is the largest E-rickshaw factory in China, and our share in the domestic market has more than 70 for 10 years before, in 1999, has just been the first car to e-bike tricycle, designed by our hands.<br /><br />Description<br />Overall size: 3250 1200 1360mm<br />Axis base: 2100mm<br />Wheelbase: 900mm<br />Unladen weight :300-400kg<br />Loading capacity: 360kg<br />Vehicle body size: 1800 1200mm<br />Top speed: 35km h<br />Climbing performance: 10 <br />Braking distance: The maximum speed of the movement 4M<br />Travel distance: 100km Miles safety idle state, is depleted of miles<br />Engine power: 700W-1000W<br />Battery Type :6-DGA, 120-130<br />Working voltage: 48V 60V<br /><br />We will provide after-sales service

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