Electrical control for the purification tanks with PCBA


<br />The Comptroller of the appliances, we can change the design for you according to your requirement. They have all types of function to set the hood. The process is very simple and smart. As well as see our products are nice looking and good quality. We will continue always the direction of international fashion. Details of the display controller: several display styles for your choice. LED, and a color screen LED digital screen LCD, tube digital 2-piece, Block 4 tube digital, VFD pattern of the screen: touch of a button switch, and switch sensor, switch tact, main functions of voltage and so on we will provide our instruction book for your reference 1. Standby Suspend Mode 2. Function Illuminance Available 3. Three working speed for your choice: slow, medium and fast 4. Postpone the shutdown function, you can adjust the time delay as you need. 5. Each press of a button with notes 6.Over sound currency and excess voltage protection 7. Leakage protection 8. With remote power supply voltage control: standard or to order the installation dimensions are to be changed according to your reqesting exposed to tasks that can be changed according to design requirements and service OEM: different voltage according to country of the various components

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