Electrical Wall Chaser


<br />Packing: 1pcBMC Size BMC plastic box 33 42 Carton size 24cmpc 67 43 25.5cmcarton NW GW: 8.011.0kgs capacity of the container 700pcs20 '1450pcspcs 40 'standard of agricultural products CE GS standard accessories: 1A special blade 2.1 screw driver, 3, and one wrench 4, and there is a point of sales evidence rules: Traditionally, the synthesis of building block you need to hammer or chisel. But it can go a distance of 30 meters which is equivalent to 100 feet in one day determined by the stiffness of the wall. So, if you choose to machine scoring the wall, you can save the expense of notching the wall. Machine scoring of the wall is the only one that can be used to cut any line on the sunken wall of bricks. Has its own advantages are as follows. 1, and it will not damage the material and leave the slot wall after a perfect cut by avoiding the effects of damage caused by a hammer or chisel. In addition, it is not necessary for users to remove the effects of leaving it in the slot machine by the diamond cutting disc. And leave all the pieces deep and wide groove. 2.the notching machine can cut straight or curved groove left with no side effects in the corner, and also supports cutting of any trends or even round pieces. 3.It can be hung horizontally on the wall without maintaining the hands that enable him to stick to the wall when the power cuts at the hands of companies or walk away. 4, The following is the longevity of the blade used in different materials: Standard sandy hollow bricks on cement sand bricks around 6000meters 3500meters cement-covered brick wall around 3000meters

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