Electrodeless induction lamps for lights Bay Hight


<br />Features:<br />01 Patented IC controlled electronic ballast and light adjustable<br />02 no poles or strings, external ferrite colls<br />03 volts and a large-scale 120 277V, 1224DC Energy Group 40W-400W<br />04 available color temperature 2700K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K<br />05 low-frequency EMC interference from 230KHZ<br />06 in Reliableignition-40<br />07 color rendition Ra 80With CRL is not life-shirts<br />08 efficay80lm Luminous High effectiveness Iuminous even 150Pm W<br />09 Excellent lumen maintenance of life<br />10 low total harmonic distortion THD 2.7<br />11 Super factior efficiency in energy consumption of 0.98<br />12 work full spectrum<br />13 capacity of the electrolyte to be able to withstand high temperatures 105 and has resisted high voltage 450V<br /><br />Visualization of the Electrodeless induction lamps<br />Fluorescent lamps is electrondeless street without poles, which depends on the basic principles of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge to create light.<br /><br />The life of the street lamps without wires, Threads and continue to 100,000 hours which is 100 times the incandescent lamp, 5-15times of high pressure electric discharge lamp, and 5-10times of compact fluorescent lamps.<br /><br />Advantages o fthe street lamps<br />Savings <br />Compared with lamps HID, lamps and induction lamps keeping the streets enevgy 70, similar to the fluorescent lights of the new economy in the consumption of high-energy, which creates less heat to reduce the cost of cooling air anditioning.<br /><br />Any maintenance less maintenance<br /><br />Longer life and means of reducing the maintenance of some cases, maintenance of zero, is especially great in areas that are difficult to access, busy, such as tunnels, roads and areas of high bay, roof lights has operating temperature range, and is good for emergencies and extreme weather conditions.<br /><br />3.Healthy safety and the environment<br /><br />No flash and less glare to provide maximum protection of sight, and choose a color temperature close to natural daylight than sagety, and productivity.

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