Electronic Hanging Scale


<br />Electronic Crane Scale<br /><br /> Boot, shut down the show voltage automatically.<br /> Wim good performance, and not because of the heavy domination and influence on the results of weight.<br /> Automatic shutdown feature<br /> Cumulative, cumulative auto, Peeled, long-distance peeled, and maintain numerical, and show that the value of sub-option, correct any weight.<br /> Overloading, Under reminder display, alarm and low voltage, battery capacity of less than 10 of police officers.<br /> Central Hawke chrome handle, the bright and clean rust properties:<br /> Levels of accuracy: the level of the balance of the third, in line with international standards. GBT1183-2002<br /> A charge the battery once and can work: about 60 hours.<br /> Overload safety: F.S 150<br /> The destruction of excess: 300 F.S<br /> The temperature of the working environment: 1400 C 1.8 m, 1600 m 2.0 C<br /> The work environment humidity: RH 90<br />LED 1.2 " Width: Specifications Width <br /> The stability of the time to read: 5.0 S<br /> Remote Control distance :10-15 m

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