Emergency crews quality of cars on sale


<br />Groups in the quality of emergency for the manufacture of cars for sale, item number: -11 sik<br /><br />1PC bag<br />1PC color box<br />1PC warning triangle<br />1PC multi-use lamp<br />1PC brush<br />1PC Screw driver mixed-use<br />1PC Air Compressor<br />1PC enhanced cable<br />Adjustable wrench 1PC<br />1PC adjustable pliers<br />1PC measure tire pressure<br />8pc valves<br />Electrical tape 1PC<br />1PC help of science<br />20pc cable tie<br />1PC long nose plier<br />1PC test electric cars<br />1PC through pain<br />1PC hammer<br />Pull cord 1PC<br />1PC to repair tires<br /><br />Equipment, emergency vehicles and emergency equipment for the manufacture of auto car emergency aid kits sets for emergency preparedness with CE FDA certificate.

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