EN10253 steel pipe alloy


Our company is a big leading professional manufacturer of Carbon Steel Butt Welding Pipe Fittings according to A234 WPB ASTM ANSI B16.9 standard, DIN and JIS standard as below: 1. Elbow 45Deg.&90Deg., LR&SR, from 1/2 inch to 72 inch. 2. Straight & Reducing TEE from 1/2 inch to 72 inch. 3. Concentric&Eccentric Reducer from 1/2 inch to 72nch 4. Caps from 1/2 inch to 72nch We hope we can develop both friendship and business relations, by our joint effort, on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, we dare say that we will be your best supplier in China, you must have a good market by selling our products. We are looking forward to your newest inquiry; E-mail:cangzhou-pipefitting(at)zt-pipefittings(dot)com MSN:pipe-fitting(at)hotmail(dot)com yahoo:hl.pipefitting@yahoo.com.cn gmail:welded.pipefittings@gmail.com Website :www.zt-pipefittings(dot)com TEL:0086-317-5305630 FAX:0086-317-2102628

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