<br />Bar series<br />1 Type: VHS series vertical hollow shaft motor WP-1<br />2 Technical parameters:<br />A assess the degree of production: standard IEC<br />B the degree of protection: Weather-protected type1 drip-proof<br />Is 3 maintain the heavy axial thrust load<br />4 the structure of the agreement and reliable<br />5 ease of maintenance<br />6 Use: Suitable for vertical pumps, especially for vertical turbine pumps, deep well, and are used extensively for pumping water underground in mines, factories, farms and cities<br />7 Enquiry information required: Output HP or kW, speed, voltage, frequency, and the insulating layer, and the ambient temperature, and not to support the reverse if necessary, a method first if not specified, Download downthrust will be the standard<br />8 Motors with voltage less than 500V, 60HZ frequency of category b, or F insulation available<br />9 We also supply motors vertical hollow shaft for special purposes<br /><br />Occupational Health and Safety series<br />Occupational Health and Safety series motors are vertical hollow shaft squirrel cage induction motors in three phases specifically for vertical turbine pumps driving deep wells. The degree of protection Weather protected type 1 drip-proof and the rated voltage is 460V 60HZ.<br /><br />We can provide with 380660V rating also on request. Adoption of internationally advanced structure of anti-reverse, and engines are exact and can be relied upon to prevent reflection. Motors are used with oil-immersed bearing lubricating construction, which makes bearings, respectively, in the case of illness cooling and lubrication, in order to ensure the longest period of operation of the bearings.<br /><br />Engines that are characterized by high efficiency, large starting torque, high and low temperature, leakage free, quiet operation and low vibration, etc..<br /><br />Through innovative research and development, and a series of pump motors occupational health and safety in deep wells beyond the traditional pattern of building the engine, which leads to a stable and growing efficiency of engines.<br /><br />Initiative as a producer at the local level, and engines up to international advanced level of the last standard NEMA

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