Engine parts from aluminum


<br />Weifang Dongguang Machine Co., Ltd. is a joint venture which is invested by Die Casting Co., Ltd. Weifang Dongguang, Changzhou, Japan International Co., Ltd., founded in March 2005. Located in the Economic Development Zone Anqiu, Weifang, Shandong, China, covering an area of more than 50 mu. We have advanced aluminum die-casting equipment 800T, 700T, 400T, 280T and160T. Killed Hawk is equipped with crane, furnace, melting furnace, blasting machine, shot blasting machine down, vibrating machine for shot blasting, polishing machine, surface treatment facilities and infiltration. We also have independent processing machine shop equipped with lathes, which are CNC machines, milling and all types of drilling and tapping machines. Our annual capacity of more than 4000 tons and is increasing both the size and productivity quickly. Our main products are auto parts, aluminum, gasoline and diesel engine parts, automobile parts, mechanical parts and electrical parts have, etc. With the exception of services to local companies are known, and our products are also exported to Japan, Europe and other countries. Good quality, best service, welcome friends from all over the world

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