Enhance fiber panels


<br />Fiber cement board<br /><br />, Quartz sand, pulp, and other mineral filler<br /><br />And sterilized by high temperature and in the form of documented originated from cement, quartz sand, which is a very powerful combination, and then through the sand, etc..<br /><br />Proof <br /><br />Compared with gypsum board, it stands to great advantage with respect to fire-resistant, gyspum Council is<br />Paper coated and very limited fire resistance.<br /><br />Directory 4.water have very low water absorption rate, and maintain the shape of the cycle in 25 of<br />Freezing and thawing, the gypsum board, it can not water resistant.<br /><br />5.Due to the value of PH and high temperature autoclave, termites have no interest in this forum<br /><br />Thin and thick , and can be curved and also maintain a strong resistance to accord a high.<br /><br />Weight 7.Light it is only 15 of the brick wall, and can also provide more space in the room<br /><br />Asbestos is a total green building materials and long-term use<br /><br />Specifications:<br /><br />Standard size: 1220x2440x6-20MM<br />Color: Gray<br />Denstiy: 1.20gm3<br /><br />Size can be custom-made

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