ER14505S-150'C Size: 1/2AA Electrical Performance(Type value of battery storing 6 months at up to +30'C) Rated Capacity: 1800mAh The discharge capacity measured when cut-off voltage is 2.0V, 20mA at +150'C. Open Circuit Voltage(+25'C): 3.65V Max. Constant Discharge Current: 100mA (Reach 100% of rated capacity at +150'C) Max. Pulse Discharge Current: 200mA (At +150'C, discharge at 20mA till 50% capacity remaining, then constantly discharge at 20u A, at the same time to pulse discharge at 200mA and at the rate of 0.1 second per 2 minutes, battery voltage value is not lower than 2.7v, this value changes with pulse property, temperature and the battery situation that has been used.) Working Temperature Range: -20'C~+150'C Dimension and Weight Battery Diameter (Max.): 14.65mm Battery Height (Max.): 50.5mm Battery Weight: 20g Storage Store batteries in the clean, dry and cool places, better in ambient environment of 20'C or below, no more than +30'C at highest.

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