Excavator buckets


<br />We are a factory in China. Our main product is all kinds of bucket that used for the loader, and excavator and a bulldozer. capicity we have a maximum of bucket 17cubmeters for CAT992, and capicity minutes is 0.005cubmeters of IHI. It was designed reasonably to the specifications and types of buckets we have is that apply to more than 90 kinds of excavators such as KOMATSU, HITACHI, KATO, SUMITOMO, CAT, KOBELCO, Daewoo, Hyundai, etc. in accordance with operating conditions different, and different types of buckets of shapes and materials and the thickness of the plates, and stress profiles, and so the capacity of the bucket is from 0.25 to 2.4 M3 M3. Advanced digital control flame plasma cutting machines large machines winding, and welding machines CO2 protective ensure the quality of our products. 1.General buckets: Material bucket level and quality homemade tooth holders. 2.Reinforced Buckets: Quality structural steel with high strength and quality homemade tooth holders. Buckets 3.Rocky: wear resistant steel with high strength, and enhance parts of the high stress, and cut thicker abrasive, and reinforcing ribs on the bottom, and rock-oriented products for the SBIC from South Korea.

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