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<br />Our company is placing greater emphasis on professional factory and low frequency induction<br /><br />Lamp 5 Years Warranty, and energy saving 40 50 and induction fixtures in China, including the<br /><br />Street lighting, high bay lighting,<br />Light floods, tunnel lighting, office lighting, grow lighting, etc..<br /><br />Take advantage of our products - induction lamp:<br /><br />Induction lamp ballast with UL, CE, FCC, Certificate EMC<br /><br />1 the power of a wide range of induction lamp 40 500W that can take the place of 80 1000W HPS<br /><br />Lamp & MH lamp, energy saving 40 50.<br /><br />Our strength is the induction lamp from 40W to 500W maximum.<br /><br />InChina, only for my company have the ability to make a 500W lamp induction.<br /><br />Strength of other competitors, "the maximum induction lamp is the only 300-400W.<br /><br /><br />2 a wide working temperature -40 40 <br /><br />Usually, the temperature range of induction lamp by most other factories<br /><br />-20 40 .<br /><br />However, we can light induction of labor between -40 40 .<br /><br />3 a longer warranty period: 5 years age: more than 100 000 hours<br /><br />4 CRI 80<br /><br />5 the immediate commencement of, any delay<br /><br />6 No glare, no flicker<br /><br />7 Effective efficiency: 150 PLM W<br /><br />8 lumen depreciation : 5 after 2000hrs<br /><br />9 CCT: 2700 6500K<br /><br />Charlie Shi<br />MSN: <br />Skype: ymlsale005

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