EZ-quick bicycle carrier bicycle rack car roof Roofrack


<br />EZ-quick is a load bicycle art bicycle carrier system 5 years warranty<br />Features<br />EZ-quick enables quick mounting and release of a bicycle 15 seconds to download and 10 seconds to empty.<br />EZ-quick enables individuals to load and unload bikes themselves, by separating the loading in 2 stages 1 put on a bicycle lock, bicycle carrier 2.<br />Easy to use, because it does not require the rider up arms over high load bars cupboards on tape to locate the pregnancy.<br />EZ-quick takes full advantage of bicycle engineering, by attaching easily to your bicycle car rack roof bars.<br />EZ-quick a bicycle completely, without the needs of dismantling parts of the bike.<br />EZ-quick is not disturbing the function of the roof rack bars when it is not in use.<br />EZ-quick is made from the best material is heavy rust aluminum and stainless steel for maximum protection against harsh weather conditions and large-scale friction.<br />EZ-quick is capable of carrying a wide range of bicycles, including bicycle on the basis of carbon.<br />EZ-quick has minimal surface area in order to avoid air turbulence, which leads to unnecessary noise and the weakness of its gas consumption.<br />EZ-quick does not need to dismantle the carrier during the automatic car wash.<br />And provide built in EZ-quick lock mechanism.<br />EZ-quick takes full advantage of bars "fast system" load, by not connecting the bar and one over the other, and thus can stay attached to the rods when the load is not installed this.<br />EZ-quick is the most bike carrier roof safely, to neutralize the concern that instability in the atmosphere of tires do lose the bike during transport in all airlines roof bike in an upright position.<br />Competibility<br />Maximum bandwidth: 2.35 inches 6cm

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