F7 fingerprint time attendance access control


<br />F7<br />Fingerprint access control and time attendance<br /><br />Product Introduction:<br />F7 is the access control on a large scale in the office. Choose a lot of stable original parts, strictly follow the national security product standard. F7 is suitable for the entrances and exits of offices, factories, hotels, schools, the contribution of etc.All, O and use of anti-jamming protection and over-voltage protection department. Deterioration of the product faces tough test before leaving factory, The greatest advantage of F7 is easy to install, with a sleek design and multi-functional and reasonable <br /><br />Benefits:<br /> One fingerprint develop the whole world<br /> Adopt high reliable industrial components and optical sensors, and control of the International Atomic Energy Agency to avoid<br />Unit hang, unique reset keeps the unit working well<br /> Easy to install all the cable connection EM lock installation are the same to the Committee on traditional investment ID<br />Access control<br /> One-way alarm output: dismantlement alarm, threaten alarm, and the opening of illegally alarm, not block<br />The alarm<br /><br /><br />Technical Specifications:<br /> User capacity: 500<br /> The ability of transactions: 30000<br /> Method Validation: 1:1 or 1: N<br /> Access Control: 50 Time Zone 5, assembly 0.10 Combination, Holiday Management, support<br />Many fingerprints access support work, independent<br /> control electric lock: put down the sequence integrity 3A12VDC<br /> Communicational: TCP IP or RS232 and RS485<br /> Keyboard and Display: LCD display with 80 character and figure keypad<br /> Power: 9-24 VDC, stay current: 50MA, work current: 400 MA<br /> Identification speed: 2 seconds<br /> FRR: 1<br /> FAR: 0.0001<br /> Collection station: ZK collection station<br /> Operating temperature: 0 C - 45 C<br /> Operating Humidity: 20 -80<br /> Language: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and other languages<br /> Size: 180 L 82 W 55 H mm<br /> Program Management: Management of Transaction fingerprint attendance and access control<br />Options, and network management<br /> Standard: bell wire, outside Wigan

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