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<br />LED street light<br /><br />Model: FER105<br /><br />Specifications:<br />Voltage input :170-250Vac 5060HZ<br />Total Harmonic distortion: 9<br />LED power: 120W<br />Consumption of the system: 134W<br />Lamp efficiency: 90<br />Power Factor: 0.95<br />ColorTemperature: WW 2, 700-3, 900k, NW 3, 900-6, 000k, CW 6, 000-7, 000k<br />Led the initial flow: 9600Lm<br />Average IIIuminance<br />6M 44lux<br />9M 25lux<br />IIIuminance region<br />6M: 16 20m2<br />9M: 20 30m2<br />Color index presentation<br />WW 3000K RA 68<br />CW 6000K RA 75<br />Design of the light: LED light lens distribution<br />Junction temperature: 80 C<br />Operating temperature: -40 55 C<br />Finished Color: Silver<br />Age: 50, 000Hours<br />Housing material: aluminum<br />IP Rating: IP65<br />Net weight: 10.2kg<br />Packing Size: 353x435x225mm<br />Installation of tube Dia: 60mm<br /><br />Advantages:<br />1. High durability, and maintenance of minimum<br />2. High-energy efficiency<br />3. Operative long time<br />4. Evironment protected<br />5. Directed services<br />6. High quality and competitive prices<br /><br />Applications: Garden, Village, Courtyard, roads, sidewalks, schools, parks, factories, etc..

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