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<br />FIBER OPTIC taper<br />-------------------------------<br />Fiber Optic Taper has the image minification and zoom function. And is used widely in the delivery of CCD, image-intensive coupling, medical radiography, dental, imaging, video, and advanced imaging applications.<br />Features:<br />- Material: fiber size at the end of a large: 6um or equivalent.<br />- At the end of shear distortion is large: 25 or<br />- A gross distortion of the best fit fine in a row across the quality of a 2.0 Max<br />- 0.5mm Max ran out of the window. TIR<br />- Pincushion Barrel: 3.0 Max. TIR<br />- Zoom: 2.25:1 2.0<br /><br /><br />OPTIC FACEPLATE FIBER<br />---------------------------------------<br />Panel fiber optic transmitting and features high efficiency, little loss of coupling intereletrode and clear, image transmission and reality, as well as input and output under low-light level image capacitors. It plays an important role in improving the quality of the images, and it's used widely in all types of CRT, camera tubes, combined with the Convention to Combat Desertification and other instruments and the image that requires the transmitter.<br />Features:<br />- The volume of fiber: 6um pitch<br />- Numerical aperture: 1<br />- Vacuum tight: 1.33 10 -11 3 is S<br />- The average coefficient of thermal expansion 20 '- 300o'C: 87 5 10 -7 ' C<br />- Parallel light transmittance: 65<br />- The light transmittance Lambertian: 57<br />- Shear distortion: 30 or<br />- Total distortion: 40 or<br />- Framework runout: 100 M

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