Filter HEPA


<br /> low space requirement<br /> low pressure loss<br /> building strong<br />Available in a range of standard sizes <br /><br />Applications ... Purify the air in laminar flow and a clean room classes Aladtaraba 100000 M5 to 10000 M4 ACC. FS2009E<br />Type ... minipleat flames almost absolute filters<br />Framework ... Extruded aluminum, 69mm depth<br />Filter media ... Micro-glass fiber<br />Drawing networks and protective ... White epoxy network microdrawn<br />Breaks ... Corrugated aluminum<br />Leak Polyurethane ...<br />Ring of polyurethane ... One-piece, semi-circular profile<br />EN1822 category ... H10<br />MB per second and average efficiency ... 85<br />0.3m . Efficiency ... 95<br />Final pressure drop ... Recommended 400Pa - maximum 600Pa<br />Maximum flow rate of air ... In order to maintain laminar flow and efficiency characteristics of these filters must not exceed its capacity in the classification<br />Maximum. Operating temperature ... 60 <br />Maximum. Relative humidity 90 RH ...<br />Installation of filter ... Type cans STXK-STXS cleaning the rooms. Operating theaters etc.<br />Other Sizes: on request<br />Other materials upon request

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