Flame Retardant applied in Plastic FRD-CX1


Physical Property: FRD-CX1 is a new type flame retardant with excellent heat stability which will not bring the decomposition of the copolymer and will not affect the molding of plastic during the processing and manufacturing. Otherwise, this product will not volatilize during the processing of the heat molding plastic copolymer, which providing the excellent heat stability of the application. The product also has the excellent mechanical property and weather resistance ability. The copolymer treated with Aluminum Hypophosphite has good fireproof ability, according the standard of UL94, the fireproof grade of the copolymer reaches VO with the thickness of 0.8mm. And according to the IEC61335-775, the treated copolymer also could pass the test of GWIT with the thickness of 1mm. Application: This product is the halogen free flame retardant which could be applied in the thermoplastic elastomer such as, SEBS, TPU and SBS. It could maintain the high heat stability, mechanical property, weather resistance ability and electrical property with excellent fireproof ability. It also could be applied in ABS and PP.

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