Fleet management joint venture with AVL Tracker


<br />We are supplier of fleet management tracking with AVL common<br />TCP UDP SMS transmission mode: TCP UDP<br />Mechanism for loading data: the time interval<br />Statistics Mileage: GPS Electronic<br />After listening in: Based in<br />Geographical fence: 32 types<br />Types of alarm: GPRS e-mail<br />Date of data storage 43 200 pieces<br />GPS antenna open short detection<br />Bulid in battery backup<br />Domain name support<br />Blind supplementary data loading area<br />Device Eeternal: screen transmission message exchangebetween driver and center.<br />Fuel sensor Analog ---- signal one, camera CCD, and RFID devices, keyboard password, Bar code Scanner, temperature sensor.<br />Function Control I O Port:<br />1 signal converter 8 inputs 6high trigger level, 2 leveltrigger low.<br />2 signal input 3 Choose Book<br />3 1 input analog signal 0-5V<br />4 a pulse signal 3.8V, 2k HZ trigger<br />5 the output signal 8 conversion 500mA<br />6 Serial Port 1

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