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<br />Clamp jaw flexible coupling<br />1 ISO9001: 2000<br />2 Type: coup-LINK<br />3 OEM service<br />4 Material: Aluminum alloy and stainless steel<br /><br />Clamp features a curved jaw coupling flexible:<br /><br />Coupling assembled by pressing the T axes polyurthane kilometers on both sides;<br />Can absorb vibration, and parallel, distortions and angular shaft end of the play;<br />Resistance to oil and electrical insulating materials;<br />Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation identical properties;<br />2 sleeves of different hardness Avabl.<br /><br />Clamp curved jaw coupling flexible capacity:<br /><br />Transfer nominal torque TN 1.1 430 <br />Speed limit N 3400 19000 rpm<br />High resistance, the transformation of a continuous speed.<br />0.02mm radial deviation Ltd.<br />1.0 a limited degree angle deviation<br />Deviation of 0.60mm Axle Co., Ltd.<br />Aluminum alloy and stainless steel with high character Cao and applied to large-scale programmed to transfer and Mini cars.<br />Integration, minitype, and low inertia.

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