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<br />1, and an optional waterproof lighting solution in the open air without protection.<br /><br />2, the light source option:<br /><br />Led the super flow, and the light inside the source, which is also called Eagle Eye Piranha LED or LED.<br /><br />B LED, high brightness SMD 3528<br /><br />C, high brightness SMD5050 LED, a high-power chips.<br /><br />3, and a wide viewing angle<br /><br />4, approximately 80,000 hour lifespan, and we offer quality 1 year warranty.<br /><br />5, and high energy efficiency, saving energy and saving money, simply by using a DC power supply in 12V only<br /><br />6, Application: LED announcement, such as letters, LED Lighting, LED, signs, lighting and boxes, buildings, bridges, public or private decoration of architecture, and municipal lighting projects, etc.<br /><br />7, the low voltage power, making it safe and sound<br /><br />8, different colors are optional: red, yellow, green, white and blue, or make it bright with 7 colors change according to customer requirements.<br /><br />9, the easy to install.

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