Football soccer cleats


<br />Soccer shoes in 3 colors to teach the basics of special<br /><br />Young children and taking their first steps in football to face difficulties in identifying sites in the body and legs for: transient, lifting, kicking, running and juggling.<br />With the passage of time and increase the difficulties, and become habits that are difficult to change. We see a lot of players young adults, and even with the technology is not sufficient. It was very easy to prevent these problems before in the beginning, learning the basics correctly.<br /><br />Parents, teachers and trainers to football invests great efforts to teach children, but it's not that easy, because the young player, and in spite of the explanations, do not always understand what it is supposed to do.<br /><br />We have developed a special soccer shoes to teach the basics.<br />And is divided into 3 sections shoes, each section has a different color.<br />Rapid improvement, in a very short time a player learns the basics of football right that would help him in the future to become a player with technical standards are very high, a player who knows how to use each of the legs, and the outer part of the foot, which is very essential and missing in many often. To teach any subject rule is "You can also involve more of the senses and faster understanding of the child."<br />When you wear our shoes, the player hear the coach's instructions, and sees the color as it should be kicked, or pass, and so that the learning process involves two ways and it's easy for a child to understand.<br />Synthetic upper. Poly vinyl chloride alone. The case of a brand new in original box.<br /><br />Size: range is from size 28-41 UK size.

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