Frequency inverter, 3.7kw Sy6000 series AC motors


<br /> expanded functions to a large extent, and expanded application too: dual analog I O function; to the bar and function of the textile industry, c simple function of the Palestinian Legislative Council and 16 Step function quickly, PID function of adaptation; d start stop the capital and the function of braking .. ; E I O stations freely and programming: users can form various media group; and the transition frequency and the oversight function and to avoid mechanical resonance, and make the system more stable and reliable, g power failure restart function. Power-up and can be run immediately after a power outage; h sleep wake-up delay function setting, and I am the automatic voltage adjustment function. Effective solution to the problem of low frequency oscillations of high engine power; j different protection functions of over current, voltage overload. Under voltage, over temperature, and phase loss, over-loading. ways to support multiple frequency setting, and to meet the demand for different occasions; O with 1: Percentage of speed 100, and an increase torque in a wide range; EMC Excellent, high performance products in the same. multi-parameter set of clear and easy to use practical, convenient to put the parameter adjustment

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