Fwt2010-8-400 FWT GSM auto gate strong IMEI


<br />Background:<br />Vomule: 455 280 45MM Weight: 4.8KG<br />Menus: 1PCS unit, 8PCS antenne, 1PCS Powerline<br /><br /><br />Functions:<br /><br />-GSM 850MHz 900MHz 1800MHz 1900MHz<br /><br />IMEI number-strong car, and change entirely to the auto industry<br /><br />, End the call<br /><br />Standard RJ-11 FXS on the phone or VoIP Gateway, PABX<br /><br />Radio will automatically change the basis to simulate the movement of<br /><br />, Providing accurate anti-polarity signal, reverse polarity minutes<br /><br />, Caller ID<br /><br />- Call the function<br /><br />DTMF support<br /><br />Support the application phase 2<br /><br />Is it possible to connect to, including the number .<br /><br />Is it possible to adjust the speed dial, dial-up dial-up quck slow. Demand time delay<br /><br />Support CLIR calling line identity restriction<br /><br />, Not as much as an incoming call<br /><br />To set the IP number before the number<br /><br />To adjust the number can not be contacted<br /><br />To adjust the fast reactions when the disclosure of a busy signal<br /><br />Lock to Network<br /><br />Is it possible to adjust the Auto Dial to call contact

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