Galvanized square wire mesh


<br />Kathy Lee: 05<br />Galvanized square wire mesh<br />Specifications: 3mesh - 60mesh.<br />Display: 3.4 '<br />Gauge wire: 18BWG-38BWG<br />Wire Diameter mm opening mm diameter wire mesh mm Opening mm<br /><br />3X3 1.60 6.87 0.27 1.00 20x20<br /><br />4X4 1.20 5.15 0.25 0.90 22x22<br /><br />5x5 0.95 4.13 0.23 0.83 24x24<br /><br />6X6 0.80 3.43 0.20 0.78 26x26<br /><br />8X8 0.60 2.57 0.18 0.70 28x28<br /><br />10x10 0.50 2.04 0.15 0.70 30x30<br /><br />12x12 0.50 1.61 0.14 0.59 35x35<br /><br />14x14 0.40 1.41 0.14 0.50 40x40<br /><br />16X16 0.35 1.24 0.12 0.39 50x50<br /><br />18x18 0.30 1.11 0.12 0.30 60x60<br /><br /><br /><br />Showing the form of 50cm to 150cm length is can be, 25M 15M, 30M, 50M, etc..<br /><br /><br />And is used widely square wire mesh in industries and facilities to the powder grain sieve, liquid and gas filter, for other purposes such as security guards on enclosures.Besides machines, and is applied widely for the replacement of segments of wood in the manufacture of the walls and the ceiling.<br />Packing: In rolls, wrapped with waterproof paper then covered with fabric bag PCV if white or yellow as can be arranged wish.Special customers packing if necessary.<br /><br /><br />Any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me with Kathy.<br />The mob. :0086 -15176492539.<br />Skype: cathycathy509. Please send emails to my MSN: xuelian2008happy at hotmail dot com

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