Gdnc-01 coordinator of the network internal


<br />GDNC-01 is a network station Mocha device, to control the CPEs in the network Mocha to receive and transmit messages ether, and the achievement of network management, access control, and other tasks.<br /><br />Technical data:<br /><br />1. Work Frequency: 950MHz 1500MHz, and bandwidth for each channel frequency is 50MHz, and there are 23 frequency points available in the college.<br /><br />2. Forwarding rate: FTP download speed faster than 80Mbps.<br /><br />3. Classfication of service: three chapters of the queueings quality of service, and support police traffic for each user.<br /><br />4. Support VLAN: VLAN are processed messages pass through the user, and can set the management of Mosul, in any of the VLAN.<br /><br />5. Access control: the control of user access and support.<br /><br />6. Management mode: ConsoleTelnetSNMP.<br /><br />7. Upgrade status: Construction-in FTP client, support for remote upgrade.<br /><br />8. Transfer of power: 3dBm, and automatic power control support.<br /><br />9. Receive Sensitivity: 3 75dBm.<br /><br />10. Adjustment of status: OFDM, TDMA TDD, QAM, 256 subcarriers.<br /><br />11. Forward delay Typic: 3ms.<br /><br />12. Insertion loss: Less than 1dB.<br /><br />13. A medium temperature: -15 60 C.

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