Gel capsules Betacap


<br />Made from pure natural materials intensive<br />Such as carrots and organic algae. Amount per serving of a carotene 6mg. It is effective vitamin A daily supplement of human rights and free from accumulation of poisoning.<br /> Function normal sight, and the prevention and treatment of eye diseases such as cataract and nyctalopia.<br /> Against cancer, immunity and promote physical<br />Internal proliferation, and maintaining healthy skin and mucous membrane in the device<br />Trends: 1-2 softgel s a day, it is best with a meal<br />500mg 100 capsules, gel<br />1. Is monitored constantly and quality control QA quality during every step of the manufacturing process to achieve the highest level of technical excellence in the production of softgel capsules.<br />2. R & D and R & D department. Specialize in creating high-value products new. Besides, we can turn-key custome of formulations to meet different requirements.<br />3. Approved GMP, HACCP and ISO certification<br />4. A full range products, to ensure on-time delivery and professional services

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