Gel glue


<br /> Adhesive Jelly Glue, glue-based protein, cake glue, animal glue for casemaking book binding <br /><br />Application:<br />Used in the book binding cover steel case-making and paper box. Cover of a folder, and the book cover album cover, etc..<br /><br />Machine<br />It is suitable for devices of KOLBUS, STAHL, HORAUF, CARTHEM, EMMCI, PERONDI, POTDEVIN, Magna purple, and FuZhong RuiAnZhongKe, and other types of case-making machine, it is difficult to cover the line of binding, at the same time, it is also suitable for hand-making.<br /><br />Certificate:<br />SGS test report, ISO9001: 2000 quality management systems, and China controls the inspection report and test center<br /><br />Packaging:<br />25kgcarton<br /><br />Shelf Life:<br />Six months

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