Glacial acetic acid 99.5, 99.9


<br />CAS number: 64-19-7<br />EINECS number: 200-580-7<br />Molecular formula: C2H4O2<br />Density: 1.048gcm3<br />Melting point: 16 to 16.5<br />Boiling Point: 117-118<br />1. Specifications:<br />ITEM STANDARD<br /><br />Appearance<br />Transparent liquid<br />Transparent liquid<br /><br />Purity<br />99.5 accurate<br />99.8 accurate<br /><br />Acetaldehyde<br />0.05 maximum<br />0.05 maximum<br /><br />Iron<br />A maximum of 0.0001<br />0.00004 max<br /><br />Formic acid<br />0.003 maximum<br />0.06 maximum<br /><br />Water<br />0.15 maximum<br />0.15 maximum<br /><br />Evaporation of ancient<br />0.02 maximum<br />0.01 maximum<br /><br />2. Product Use:<br />Used widely in the manufacture of spinning, weaving and fiber industry, Pharmacia industry, pesticide industry, dyestuff industry, plastic industry and rubber industry and so on.<br />3. Package:<br />25kgdrum, FCL 18MT20 '

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