Global mill drilling tool MQ-6025a


<br />Universal mill drilling tool MQ-6025A<br />Machine series are suitable especially for sharpening tools in HSS, tungsten carbide and other materials, and also to cylindrical, slot, surface grinding and personal work.<br />Using additional attachments, you are a large expansion in the scope of application of machinery and there can solve the problems of individual pieces, such as grinding of various hobs, for tools and cutting spherica, twist drills and steep taper Reamers, etc..<br />And wheelhead machine series with a two-dimensional setup, the stock is going workhead with a double monastery., And fitted with a hole ISO-50 taper. The evidence supports the table in advance the ball, and can be driven by hand or by changing the rate at the end of the hydraulic.<br /><br />MA6025 technical data:<br /><br />Maximum. Swing dia. Of the job: 250mm<br />Maximum. Distance between centers: 650mm<br />Area of the operating table: 940 135mm<br />Maximum. Longitudinal travel of table: 480mm<br />Maximum. Swing angle of the table: 60degree<br />Max travel of the head wheel crossing wertical: 230mm<br />Maximum. Swing angle of the head of the wheel in the horizontal plane in the vertical plane: 360degree<br />Maximum. Swing angle of the head of the steering wheel in the plane in the longitudinal vertical plane: 30degree 15degree <br />And the end of the spindle taper: MT NO.3<br />Main motor power: 50HZ, 0.751.1KW<br />And the speed of grinding wheel: 14002800RPM<br />Engine speed: 30506095RMP<br />Car of the cylindrical grinding facility: 50HZ, 0.12KW<br />Device size: 1460 1102 1240mm<br />Weight: 1000KG<br /><br />Standard accessories:<br /> Your head and the size of a sign<br />2.left Tailstock<br />Tailstock <br />4.Abrasion wheel at the base of the dressing<br />5.Supporting rod for the hood large<br />6.Supporting rod for the hood small<br />Slide base <br />Sounding <br />9.Abrasion closed socket wrench the wheel<br />Guide <br />Bar <br /> - A hex wrench<br />13.Abrawheel dismantling wrench<br />Rod <br />Modified rod guide <br />Prevent <br />Rod guide <br />How <br />19.Abrasion wheel sleeves<br />20.Abrasion wheel<br />Spanner <br />22.Box end wrench<br />23.Screw driver

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