GM four cylinder -410 fabric waste recycling machine


<br />Four-cylinder Textile Waste Recycling Machine model GM-410<br /><br />Function and a news report:<br /><br />1 This device makes use of centrifugal force resulting from high speed rotation of the roller bearing in<br />2 Clean the impurities from the raw materials, ease of fiber, and the removal of dust in the raw materials, and press the fiber into large flakes.<br />3 used to treat waste fabric, yarn waste with the help of opening the device, it can also be used to scrap the process, fly card, and many kinds of cloth, cotton, and recycling of waste and waste yarn, waste ginning independently.<br />Can 4 that the finished products are used again in the factories to make the yarn spinning, and the mobilization of pillows, and the production of nonwoven fabric, and fill toys, sofa, etc..<br />5 has been shown to have good quality and high output and low consumption structure is compact, easy to control.<br /><br />Technical data:<br />1 Output: 100 120kg h<br />2 the diameter of the take in thorn cylinder: 250 mm<br />3 the rotation speed of take Roller: of 1 1900r min, and the second and third and fourth2000r m<br />4 Recycle Dust: diameter: 500mm Network: 2mm in<br />5 Motor: Y132S-4 5.5KW, the four groups: 1.1KW four groups<br />6 Take the wire: 1.09 75 7 teeth25.4mm<br />7 the external dimension L W H mm: 6150mm 1720mm 1160mm<br />8 Weight: 2200 kg

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