<br />Modern design, anti-scratch and shock<br /><br />Attractive and modern design, polycarbonate lens for scratch and shock resistance<br /><br />SIDE SHIELD<br /><br />Side shields provide maximum protection and the reduction of injuries.<br /><br />POLYCARBONATE<br /><br />Plastic used for the manufacture of safety glass lightweight and strong, and protests again 99 of the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation.<br /><br />Adjustable TEMPLE<br /><br />Manipulation in the temple in length to accommodate different-sized face.<br /><br />Angle ADJUSTMENT<br /><br />The ability to tilt and the axis of the temple up and down, in order to provide a comfortable length or special adjusts to four positions<br /><br />ANSI Z 87,1-2,003<br /><br />American Standard, which measured safety goggles for protection and safety.<br /><br />CE TYPE-examination certificate<br /><br />European standard which measured safety goggles for protection and safety.

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