Gold bullion, dust and a regular bar Display


<br />The following display of the AU gold of the Seller.<br />Procedures are alloy alloy to banking officer banking officer, for the port of Fujairah from persistent organic pollutants at one time and then will not show any of the persistent organic pollutants by the Port of Fujairah.<br /> This is not the Swiss proceedings as are provided POP before POF <br /><br /> Please There is strictly no negotiations on procedures This POF against POP done within seconds of each other at one time between the alloy officers staff of banks.<br /><br />Seller is aware that some buyers have their own procedures, but he has no interest at all in the work procedures to buyers so please reformulate to send files with buyers prefer your buyer does not want to work with the procedures vendors then this show is certainly not for the buyer.<br /><br /><br /><br />Products available.<br /><br />1 GLD, discount 85 in the banking system under the resposibility full banking<br />Buyers CIF required more than 3 years of age with the fingerprints of internationally accepted.<br /><br /><br />2 Non GLD, discount 96, CIF buyers destination.<br />Not in the banking system not GLD, but still under the responsibility of full banking<br />Less than 5 years of age, but older than 3 years and not a stamp.<br />And softness is 999.51000 or better in 12.5kg bars and thus this alloy is not a regular bar.<br />Discount is negotiable, but I probably would not suggest that buyers are trying to negotiate anything less than 107.<br /><br /><br />3 a regular bar: sellerside 26 $, 500KG by the buyer $ 1,500 $ 1,500 minimum path from closed to 100kg with the R & E 250kgsper week and up.<br /><br />Closed 4 gold dust dust $ 24, 000kg buyerside sellerside 1500 $ 1500 dollars.<br />Minimum path 100kg.s with R & E 250kgsper week and up.<br /><br />Regular and the dust is similar procedures such as alloys the bank officer to bank officer with the exception of MT10323 be replaced by 760 million tons BG optional or SBLC as payment guarantees to pay the equivalent of gold to be delivered once all the gold and assayed.<br />At the same time,<br />Are produced persistent organic pollutants in the form of SKR'' s.<br /><br /><br />Location:<br />And he went to security and customs warehouses in Europe and South Africa, Asia, and can be delivered to buyers CIF needed a favorite destination.<br />We have 500MT available in Hong Kong, but more can be delivered to Hong Kong if necessary.<br />Gold is also currently available in London.<br /><br />There are more than enough gold available for contracts greater than 50MT with R & E Rolls and extensions are available, and can negotiate with the seller mandate.<br /><br />It will also accommodate a smaller vendor contracts with the R & E<br /><br />Please be the signing of the Mandate Buyer NCNDA and return before the conference call.<br /><br /> Again Procedures are strictly non-negotiable.

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