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<br />Golf<br />Power: 3.7 KW<br />Battery: 6 pieces 8V 145 AH<br />Charger: DC 48V, 25A<br />Control: 300A stable<br />Routing: Routing Bidrectional toothed rack system, car clearance compensation<br />Front shock proof: Holding shock Absorbe Independent<br />Proof of the return shock: Independent Holding shock absorption<br />Brake: Brake Mechanical, electrical, brakes self-adjust the rear wheel drum<br />Second Frame: High tensile steel tube structure for the electric welding and finishing of bread antirust<br />Body: PP alloy materials engineering for the car<br />Lead frames Back tires: 18x8.50-8 18x8.50-8<br />Atmospheric pressure: 22 PSI<br />Terracing cleansing the Temple: 114 mm<br />Take away once rear: 870mm980mm<br />Forward speed: 18-24 km h<br />Braking distance: less than or up to 2.5M<br />Turning radius: 2.9 m<br />Climbing capability full load: a safe climbing ability: 30<br />Maximum. Climbing ability: 46<br />Endurance mileage: 80km-100km<br />Everyone can model can be added to the lighting system. We ADC motor, control Zapi, Trojan T-875 battery and Italy Graziano axis.

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