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<br />As a distributor brand Gstar in Mainland China in Guangzhou Xintu Technology Co., Ltd. recently introduced G-MOUSE Receiver, GPS receiver and full, with full capacity to meet the stringent requirements of industrial siting and personal use.<br />Features<br />GS-216M G-MOUSE GPS receiver built-in low noise last, high sensitivity, low power consumption MTK chip key, and track is particularly high, with 32 channels, which can fast-track 32 satellites. Built-in GPS antenna, as compared with other products with the industry, and the received signal is generally a more sensitive and more convenient. Can not be achieved in indoor track and positioning, and break for the industry a common problem for positioning in indoor<br />It is worth mentioning is the most, GS-216M G-MOUSE GPS products to support USB, RS-232, PS2, station S, conductors and air interfaces other, to meet a variety of product requirements, making it more widely applicable, from car navigation, and devices car alarm, electronic dog, tracking, security systems, and identify personal sites, and various surveys to agricultural applications, and can be found on a variety of harsh environments to meet demand.<br />G-MOUSE Receiver uses rechargeable batteries can continue to save on the clock, memory information, do not worry about any shortage of energy.<br />Product and cardboard materials imported ABS, fiber reinforced high-tensile external screen wire, and a strong and durable. At the same time, connect to your laptop, you can upgrade the car phone or other device to the navigation device. Using the G-MOUSE Receiver, affordable, good reception, positioning and navigation needs to provide added value to an excellent choice.

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