GPS tracking of public buses


<br />Multi-functional vehicle tracking GPS<br />Item No.: KS-668<br /><br />Basic functions:<br />, Remote control monitoring for tracking and positioning by GPRS<br />, Remote navigation when we call back to the control center<br />, The Help button Emergency group to monitor the status<br />, By calling the monitoring center to Navigation<br />, Disable enable oil or electricity by remote control from Monitoring Center<br />, GPRS in real-time tracking and identification of a continuous<br />, Route played back and re-emergence of the track<br />, SMS response between the terminal and the monitoring center<br />, Mileage statistics<br />, Over speed alert alarm violation border Electricity cut off alarm<br />, In Listen to the car<br />, GPS antenna ON OFF the alarm<br /><br />Additional functionality with extensions to extend Please note that the function of the additional required purchase these accessories separately<br /><br />, Dispatching screen phone and the car phone is available only to Chinese version<br />, Photo function by camera<br />, Speech broadcast<br />, Fuel detector under the R & D<br />, Vehicle meters<br />, LED LCD display broadcast<br /><br /><br />Specifications:<br /><br />, OE Size 118 93 36mm<br />, OE factor Voltage 9V-30V DC<br />, OE factor Current 30mA-120 mA DC<br />, OE battery: 750 mAh<br />, OE install Size: 75 45 20MM<br />, OE Weight: 0.61KGS<br />, OE Working temperature: -20, NE - 75, NE<br />, OE Humidity: 5 - 95<br />, OE band GSM: 900MHz 1800 MHz MHz 850MHz 1900<br />, OE unit GPS: SIRF-III<br />, OE GPS sensitivity:-159dBm<br />, OE GPS Frequency: 1575.42 MHz<br />, OE tracking accuracy: 10 meters 95 OO <br />, OE-time update: update the time in step with the time to GPS<br />, OE Cold-start: 48 seconds<br />, OE hot start: 8 seconds<br />GPS Tracker with Siemens MC55 module and U-BLOX-5 chip GPS, protects the child.<br />Key Specifications Special Features:<br />With the Siemens MC55 module and U-BLOX-5 Chip GPS<br />Based on the GSM CDMA GPRS 85090018001900MHz network and GPS satellites to track the object away comfortably by an SMS, and Internet software platform GPRS or PDA<br />Location and tracking: getting latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS and check position by Google earth or GPRS software platform<br />SOS emergency alarm: send an SMS to the mobile power, and when there is a state of emergency by SOS button<br />Voice control: You can monitor the scope of the votes on the track 5M<br />Transfer: The objective of setting out the scope, we will send an SMS panic in the number of mobile power<br />Speeding warning: target moves faster than the speed of preparation, and will send a warning<br />Real-time polling: for latitude and longitude location data at any time<br />Geofence: Geofence preparation for unit to restrict its movement in a limited scale<br />The path of cars: Setting time tracking for the latitude and longitude data for the automotive industry in both periods of preparation<br />Low battery warning: battery low power, the unit sends a message warning<br />Signal is a warning: You will send the warning message when the last unit within the visual field<br />Each of our model to support software platform GPRS real time tracking Internet as long as the client and a software platform GPRS<br />Applications:<br />Car leasing and fleet management<br />Protects the child, age, and persons with disabilities and pets<br />Provides peace of mind for business<br />People management<br />Tracking criminals secretly<br />Dimension: 78.4 X 45.4 X 16.5mm

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