Granulated garlic


<br />Granules granulated garlic powder dehydrated garlic granules garlic granules garlic: produced from fresh garlic and a clean and harvested, then peeled, washed, cut and dried. 1.Original: normal white garlic and pure white of Shandong Province, China 2.Flavor: 3.Moisture typical of garlic: 6.5 max 4.SO2: 5.Salmonella 10ppm: negative 6.Packing: Inner packing: aluminum foil bag of 25kg or plastic bags Outer packing: Carton or according to the requirements of the buyer 7.Shape: granules 8.Color: natural color yellowish white or yellow, not the size of spots and a clear humidity 8-16,16-26,26-40,40-80 Network 6.5 Max SO2 place maximum 30ppm of Shandong Province, China, the supply of all varieties of garlic powder round, garlic flake, garlic granule Inner packing: 12.5kg 2aluminum outer bag chips: 25kgctn quantitative 17.5MT20 'FCL certificate ISO, critical points, Kosher, QS load port of Qingdao, China with on-time delivery in 10 days after signing the contract and prepayment term FOB price, CFR, CIF Payment term T T, L C, D P

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