Grease Injector GZ-200


<br />Used industry, electronic industry and electric fuel minerals coil cleaning feature service critical residue free injector longer GZ-200 high pressure grease to win our high-quality springs. Some of the properties as follows: 1 Model: compression ratio GZ-10 2: 50:1 3 Pressure Transmission: 30-40 Pascal air pressure 4 :0.6 -0 0.8 MPa 5 production of Grease: 0.85L min 6 barrel size: 30L 7 GW: 21KG 8 CTN.size: 885 460 460mm 9 grease gun: HCG-300 service excellence, quality and satisfaction. Our customers enjoy quality outstanging minutes. Order quantity 30 pieces cut price FOB Shanghai port Payment Terms L CT T production capacity of 50 pieces parts details of the packaging carton a week standard delivery time of shipping the product type 15-30days general

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