GSM DCS dual-band signal booster


<br />Item TE-4102GD20U<br />Frequency range MHz Transmission: 890 915MHz 1710 1785MHz downlink: 935-960MHz 1805 1880MHz<br />Gain dB transmission Grand Prix 55 downlink 60dB<br />Consecutive pass band 5dB<br />Band flatness 2.5 dB<br />Guard band reject BW-60dB 42MHz, BW-70dB 45MHz<br />I O impedance 50 N connector<br />I O return loss of -8dB<br />Export power Po 20dBm<br />"Antermudoluse<br />Attenuation Po 13dBm "-40dBc<br />Transmission delay 0.5 s<br />Ambient temperature -10 50<br />Power supply AC110 220V 10 45 55Hz<br />Size 330mx 230m X 70MM<br />Reliability for the standard GB6993-86<br />Electromagnetic compatibility to the standard 694-4 ETS300<br />LED function "power supply a denote<br />B Export power LED denote "

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