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<br />Daishiba domestic hot water heat pump is one of the most economic systems to heat water for domestic family use. Using free renewable energy from the air, and the unit is highly efficient with low operating costs. Efficiency can be up to 3 4 times more than conventional gas boiler or electric heater.<br /><br />Environmental and economic heating<br />1 The efficient and economical alternative to both fossil fuel boilers and heating systems<br />2 by making use of renewable source of energy in the air, it consumes much less energy without CO2 emission directly<br />Compact design<br />Specially designed Daishiba local temperature hot water pump to provide hot water for use family health. Its structure is very compact and elegant design is suitable for installation procedure.<br /><br />Multi-function<br />Special design of the air inlet and outlet makes the unit with the ability to different ways of communication. With different ways to install, can heat pump unit to work at home as heat pump 1 only but also fresh air blower, dehumidifier, or energy recovery equipment.<br /><br />Other features<br />1 stainless steel tanks to maintain the supply of clean water<br />2 compressor with the use of highly efficient gas R134a green<br />3 electric element available in the unit up to the back, and ensure constant hot water<br />4 processing, even in very cold winter<br /><br />Product description:<br />Heating capacity: COP 2.0kW: 4.05<br />Water tank capacity: 250L<br />Dimensions: 650x1810mm

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