Heavy metal film of Polypropylene


<br />AL Zn Metallized Polypropylene feature film intensive: a small capacity loss over time of long service. 1. Secular thick coated easy metallikon, compared with each film. 2. At a time when metal spraying of zinc oxide makes a low-resistance 3. High dielectric strength Disadvantage: weak anti-aircraft corrosion performance, and time is short storage application: applied to the capacitors for the power system, refrigerators and air conditioners Specifications: inner diameter: outer diameter of 75mm: 150 300MM can be customized country-specific. Thickness: 4, 5.6 , 7, 8, 9, 10, 12um width of the value of the margin: 14x2, 21x2, 26x2.5, 17.5x1.5; X2.5mm 25 130 and so on.

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