High average power 150 200W ELD led lighting


<br />SEAWEALTH International Limited. Results in 1988 by Lynn and Michael Tsai WALTER sea routine services and air transport logistics former Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Vietnam, we have ROUNTINE Service of solidarity with the three Taiwan AMOUNG axis, and Hong Kong and Shanghai by sea and air, especially high value-added products.<br /><br />In 2007, we added a sister company GIPSEE company technology services for the design BALLEST lighting, manufacturing, wholesale, ELD LED high power RANGE 150-200W lighting, and we are looking for a parts wholesale agent in your country to organize IMPROVEMENT LIGHTING with 30 65 discount on electricity solution fixed and mobile communication with the United States for solution<br /><br />In 2008, our team is a new GIPS TECHNOLOGY JOIN with the United States, our research team and. With specialization, geographic information system GIS, GPS, Global Position System, RS, remote sensing, digital photogrammetry and 3D scanning<br /><br />We also enter the hotline with a full range of energy resolution and discount AUTOMATIC YSTEM SENSER to light tunnel WISDON SEVERL CONTROLLER tone light, hope, cooperation and after your assistant, we can be given to contribute to the green land with a deduction of CO2.

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