High panel led light Qualitu 600 600mm


<br />Charateristic: small size and easy to develop a long period of life, a small rate of decline of the light. The light of good quality and good appearance of the beautiful heat dissipation, and high production on the brightness of different view angles mixing lighting design "green" product, not UV and infrared rays circuit design for, each business unit LED, and avoid single break influence problemSuperior LED structure design thermal design reasonable and optical lenses. Easy to install, and resistance to earthquakes and shocks, and anti-moisture, does not glow or light services srobe 1. And will be refunded your inquiry regarding our products or prices in 24hours. 2. Staff well-trained and experienced to answer all your queries influential English. 3. He welcomed the OEM and ODM, OEM brand available. 4. The ship's distributor desigh unique, and some current models we have. 5. Protection area of your sales, and ideas of design and all your informaton. Application used widely in products such as drinkery, hotel, hall, room, villa and other sites a slap-up to shed light on and decorate. Detect store, exhibition, restaurant and interior other, and lighting; Hall of revelation, and art hall, museum, office, reading room, lighting and domestic; groggery, karaoke and other places the air, lighting, entertainment, jewelry, gold, silver, jewelry, costumes and lighting.

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