High-performance concrete mixture 98 solid content


<br />Product Information: Items vehicle: TOJ800-10 visual appearance: light yellow powder density 23 C gcm3: 501 10kgm3 pH: 9.0 0.5 solid content: 98.0 1.0 CL-: 0.10 Na2SO4 : 4,0 Na2O 0.658 K2O : 5.0 Solubility: soluble doses of the very standard cement by weight of cement: 0.20 0.02 cement paste flow: 240 water reduction of mortar: 25 29 stability 0 C, 24hours: stable advantages: 1. High water cut. Rate of decline of water from the concrete above 38. Improve the properties of concrete action, and increase the concrete strength and durability. 2. Good concrete to keep the reduced ability of the pump. 3. Dispensing good: to make concrete with high liquidity. 4. Cohesion is good. Which makes the concrete has excellent scalability, and failure to separate, non-bleeding 5. Low cost and no harmful substances

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