High-performance means of HPLC liquid chromatography


<br />LC-50 specifications liquid chromatography: Type of pump: plunger two of the series, and seal floating with the function of self-cleaning of the head of the pump, and can be pumped the pump easily without the need to empty a directory, and technology absorption of self in a one-way valve, which can extend the life of seal; solvent programmed pressure factor , which can fulfill the function of automatically and the completion of the pre-cleaning, it is convenient to replace the fast solvents. The flow :0.001-10ML minute flow accuracy: 1 10uLmin accuracy of the flow 0.001-10mLmin: constant pumping rate of 0.3 :0-40MPa Gradient: high Gradient Type pressure2-3 units are: high pressure, the program can automatically control the internal rinse gradient, which also can be controlled by a computer or the pump. UV detector: automaticadjustment sites ofthe wavelength, and automatic adjustment of zero, and multiple options to measure rangeoutput lamp D2: lives up to the wavelength range :190-3500h 700nm bandwidth: precision wavelength 6M: repetition 1nm Wavelength: 0.1nm absorption measurement range: Registered output: 0.0005AUmV-4AUmV, the output data stystem: 4AU V Noise: " 0.75x10-5AU drift:" 2x10-4AU BP Size: 6.25 "W 10 "D 16 weight H":. 13,7 6.0kg Power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60HZ, 80watts

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